KPCO Service

According to the terms in warrantee of KPCO Manufacturing Group products, young and technical team of KPCO Service is committed to support all HIRIC and KEPSO products including card printing ribbons, toner cartridge and unit drum based on which:

  • All HIRIC products have 2 years replacement guarantee, also machines using these products will be guaranteed for their health. If any machines using HIRIC products faced with problem, all losses is accepted and will be paid by KPCO to satisfy the customer.
  • All KEPSO products have 2 years replacement guarantee.

KPCO Service is committed to send its technical person to any branch, all around the country just in 48 hours after our customer contacted us so that we may take needed actions.

Please be informed that all losses our customers suffer because of using KPCO products will be compensated FREE.

The only goal of KPCO Service technical team is to support KPCO products and satisfy its customers.