Nowadays, one of the machines that can be found in any organization or institution is printer which can be classified based on its performance and efficiency but unfortunately most of the users ignore matching the machine with their needs while buying it so in many cases the machines are not economic.


Cooperating with some Grade A companies around the globe, KPCO Manufacturing Group started manufacturing HIRIC and KEPSO brands in Iran exclusively from 2016.

HIRIC slogan is to present the highest quality card printer ribbon, cartridge toner and unit drum to replace it with original products which are available in illogical prices in Iran. 

Not only HIRIC products benefit 2 years warrantee but also because of reliance of KPCO technical team to this brand KPCO service guarantees machines health using this brand products. In case of facing any problems using HIRIC products, all losses will be paid by KPCO and the customer does NOT need to pay.

Beside high quality and grade A products (HIRIC), some of customers around the country use inappropriate OEM products which is not good for the country. Therefore, we provide KEPSO products which are economic but lower quality comparing with HIRIC but higher quality than other Iranian businessmen products.

You can choose to buy original or OEM products; but once trying KPCO products, you will find out its quality.

We are proud to satisfy you.

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